Hot-plate fire kills 7 children in Brooklyn

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(CNN) — [Breaking news update, published at 3:03 p.m. ET]

The New York Police Department has released the names of the seven children who were killed early Saturday in a house fire in Brooklyn. They were three girls — Eliane Sassoon, 16; Rivkah Sassoon, 11; Sara Sassoon, 6 — and four boys — David Sassoon, 12; Yeshua Sassoon, 10; Moshe Sassoon, 8; and Yaakob Sassoon, 5.

(CNN) — Seven children in what neighbors described as an Orthodox Jewish family were killed early Saturday in a Brooklyn house fire that was apparently sparked by a hot plate meant to keep food warm over the Sabbath, New York’s fire commissioner said.

The four boys and three girls — siblings ranging in age from 5 to 15, — were in upstairs bedrooms when the hot plate apparently malfunctioned, starting a fire that swept up from the first floor shortly after midnight…

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