Vanilla Ice May Have Been Robbing Foreclosed Home for a Month

Jack Seattle FM

By Philip Cosores

Some clarification and further information is coming on theVanilla Iceburglary story that broke yesterday. Recapping, Robert Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice’s real name)was arrested yesterdayon suspicion of burglary of many items, including furniture, a pool heater and bicycles. Van Winkle went on to say that it was all “a misunderstanding” that was “blown out of proportion” (via theNY Daily News).

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Now, the case might run deeper than just some stolen items, as Van Winkle may have been running a month-long scam on a foreclosed home, even employing unwitting accomplices to do his bidding. Over the course of the scheme, Van Winkle convinced many that he owned the home in question, and stole items from it over the course of the month, will people thinking they were just moving…

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